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Virtual Landscape

This is a testbed for creating interactive virtual models of proposed landscape designs.




Boxworld is a simple virtual world. What you should see below is a box with four colors.

To view the box you need to be able to move around in virtual reality. More specifically, you need a "plug-in" for your browser (Use MS Internet Explorer) that will allow your browser to read VRML files. There are a number of plug-ins that will work. For these files on this website, I suggest you go to and download their product "Contact". The current version is 5.1. Available here. See Installation Notes below for more details.

Landscape No. 1

  If you've installed Contact (and if you need to, DirectX) correctly what you should see above is a large black rectangle with another smaller red rectangle in the middle (and you may see the Contact console at the bottom). The red rectangle is actually the end face of the box. Right click anywhere in the black area and select "Movement" --> "Examine". Right click again and select "Speed" --> "Slow". Press down and hold the left mouse button anywhere in the black rectangle and move the mouse in any desired direction to examine the box. If you loose the box (it goes outside the black rectangle) just click the "Refresh" button in the toolbar of your browser.  

Installation Notes

Installing the Plug-in: You should be able to click the link above and install the plug-in without any difficulty. If you have any trouble with the blaxxun Contact software or want more information, visit the FAQ on the blaxxun website.

Also: Blaxxun Contact uses a graphics accelerator called Micrososft "DirectX". You probably have a graphics accelerator previously installed on your computer. However, if you have installed Contact and you still cannot see the box, please make sure you have DirectX (or its equivalent) installed. Available here.

Once you've installed blaxxun Contact, take a voyage to Cybertown!


To download the Contact file please note: Your browser or download utility may ask you for a download location. Remember the download location that you specify. After the transfer is complete, run the downloaded program.