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Built Projects - British Columbia

This page displays images of several projects designed and constructed in British Collumbia.

Bear Creek Forest Recreation Site, Harrison Lake, B.C.

20creek.2.2.jpeg (51000 bytes)

Upper Lillooet Forest Recreation Site, northwest of Whistler, B.C.

lillooet2.jpeg (51000 bytes)

Here is an image of the site taken from the southwest. The view looks down Meager Creek to where it joins the Lillooet River. The site is the low-lying strip of forest at the river's edge inthe centre of the photograph.


Nairn Falls Provincial Park Group Campsite, near Whistler, B.C.

Nairn.jpeg (51000 bytes)

Farm Hedgerow, Delta, B.C.

Manning200.jpeg (51000 bytes) hedgerow.jpg

Or Shalom Garden, Vancouver, B.C.

Or Shalom Garden before construction
OrShalom Garden before construction southeast corner (51000 bytes) OrShalom Garden before construction looking west to FraserSt. (51000 bytes)
Or Shalom Garden working model
OSgardenmodel.jpeg (51000 bytes)
Or Shalom Garden substantial completion
OrShalom Garden view of southeast corner (51000 bytes) OrShalom Garden view of new steps to ramp (51000 bytes) OrShalom Garden view looking west to FraserSt. (51000 bytes)