MDIA 1200 Final Exam

Geoffrey E Katz
December 14, 1999

Answer to Question 1 "Real Video" is not actually a stand-alone application but comes bundled with Real Audio in a package called "Real Player". Real Player provides downloads and real-time feeds of music and video. HTML, of course, is the code that websites are written in that a browser can read to display the website on screen. "Flash" is an application that permits graphics, movement of the graphic images, and interactivity in a website. Sound can accompany the graphics. Example using Flash: "Shockwave" is a family of multimedia players, that is, it is a package for animation and sound presentations through the internet. It appears that shockwave and realplayer provide similar products. Example using Shockwave: A flash and shockwave site: "Java" is a programming language created at Sun Microsystems in 1995. It can be interactive. It can run on any platform. It consists of a compiler that interprets the code (called "bytecode") dynamically into executable code. As a result Java can be used to create little applications in a website (called "applets"). "JavaScript" originated at Netscape. It is easier to learn than Java, but lacks some of the portability of Java and the speed of bytecode. Still, it is very useful for managing interactive elements of the website. Here is a site about javascript: This site experiments with flash, shockwave, and javascript:

Question 2. Here is the page required for question 2. It was created only using "simpletext" / HTML. Please follow link Q2. (Marc, actually, all the pages in this website, with the exception of question 3, below, were written entirely in html (no wysiwyg editors used). The last page created is "landscape design".

Question 3. Here is the page required for question 3. This page was written using a wysiwyg editor:Frontpage. Please follow link Q3.