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Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Issue 17

- There will be no Prairie Food Bytes next week -

Fire Up Your Barbies and Support Canada's Beef Farmers
ACROSS CANADA - On August 2nd, link up with Canadians coast to coast in one massive outdoor celebration and create the world's longest barbeque. Anita Stewart, founder of Cuisine Canada wants Canadians to stand up, make their voices heard and give Canada's beef farmers a loud and well deserved kudos. At 6 p.m. - no matter what time zone you are in - get out your Canadian flag and grill up some of Canada's best barbequed beef.

Create a meal using less expensive beef cuts, invite over friends, crack open some frosty beverages and have a blast. Stewart says she'll be in New Brunswick beside a lake with former Maple Leaf CEO, Archie McLean who helped to found Cuisine Canada along with his wife Kay, their huge extended family and the biggest barbecue she's ever cooked on.

What are your plans for August 2nd? To participate, e-mail Stewart at and tell her what beef cut you'll be grilling and how you plan to celebrate.

Saskatoon Berry Fest Starts Today
REGINA - Don't forget to head on down to the Regina Farmer's Market on Scarth St. today and Saturday morning to take in the Saskatoon Berry Fest. Indulge in a slice of fresh Saskatoon berry pie for $1.50 and purchase a special item made with Saskatoons. All vendors will be featuring fresh, baked or limited-time products made with Saskatchewan's beloved berry.

Proceeds from the festival will go to the Hospital Foundation of Regina. Market hours are Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free parking is available in the SaskPower parking lot on Saturdays.

Who Are Regina's Top Ten?
REGINA - Who are the faces behind the food in Regina? Mark your calendars to pick up next Wednesday's issue of the Regina Leader Post and find out who are some of Saskatchewan's top chefs. Learn who was the Team Captain of the Saskatchewan Culinary Team and who won one of the first gold medals for Saskatchewan at the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt. Find out what new chef was personal chef to Danielle Steele and Giorgio Armani, and which chef took paramedic training before finally deciding that cooking was more rewarding. Read about their preferred kitchen tool, their favorite restaurant in Canada and what home cooked meal they enjoy the most. Read about it in the July 30th edition.

Christine Cushings Coming to Regina
REGINA - Speaking of great chefs, the Dairy Farmers of Saskatchewan are bringing in Christine Cushings to spice up this year's Buffalo Days. Cushings of Cushings Live on The Food Network, will be whipping up gourmet treats, offering culinary advice and signing autographs twice daily. You can catch her shows live at the Centennial Stage Friday and Saturday 12:30 and 6:30 and Sunday 12:30 and 2:30. Advance gate and midway passes are available at Mac's, Safeway, and the Agridome Box Office. Buffalo Days runs from July 26-August 3.

Botanica Modified Old Menu, New One Coming This September
REGINA - This past week, eight of Botanica's chefs from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba met in Red Deer, AB to reevaluate the current Botanica menu and come up with some new and exciting ideas for the fall.

Primarily a casual, upscale family dining establishment that does a great lunch business, the new menu will focus on improving menu items that have been overlooked in the past, says Thomas Rush, Executive Chef at the Regina Inn. "We'll be adding more signature items and concentrating on introducing some interesting sandwiches." As well, Botanica menus will now include a Feature Section on a quarterly basis, which will include more seasonal fare. The current section boasts an array of Summer Sizzler items targeted at the lunchtime crowd. "We've really concentrated on a cleaner, nicer presentation than in the past," says Rush.

So, this fall, for those of you who love power-packed sandwiches at lunch, look forward to trying their Penthouse-style sandwiches which will be triple-layer creations packed with all kinds of goodies. Most of these sandwiches will range from $6-$8 and come with a choice of sides. As well, health conscious guests can look forward to more authentic stir-fries with a variety of presentations such as noodle bowls and chopsticks. For meat eaters, make sure you check out the mega 10 oz double pork chop and the increased selection of steaks. For dessert lovers, Rush says that the bulk of the desserts served at the restaurant this fall will be entirely homemade.

In the meantime, their current modified menu is doing very well, drawing in large lunchtime crowds. Some of their more popular items are the Charbroiled Black Cod, the 8 oz Angus Burger on a Sour Dough Bun, the Denver Sandwich and the Chicken Mango Burger. Incidentally, my husband, Michael ate there for lunch just the other day and had their Taco Salad, which he said was tasty and worth every penny.

In other news, a new Botanica restaurant will be opening this fall in Calgary.

2000 Bordeaux Arrive at SLGA
REGINA - The 2000 vintage Bordeaux is being touted as one of the best vintages to come along in years. For all you Bordeaux lovers, here are some products that have arrived at the SLGA as of June 30, 2003. Sorry, but there are no tasting notes on these products. A limited supply of these wines is available.

Bushwakkers Freshens Up Old Favorites, Adds New Beer
REGINA - Keep your eyes open for a new menu coming to Bushwakkers in early August. "We've freshened up some of our mainstay, popular dishes and will be introducing some brand new menu items," says Grant Frew, marketing and promotions manager for the brew pub. Watch for three new beers including a smoked porter using the 2003 "Best of Show" recipe from the Saskatchewan Ales and Lagers Enthusiast's Annual National Home Brewing Competition, an altbeir (old German lager-style) and a roggenbier (extremely rare beer style).

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