CJ's Menus


There is no question that a meal that has a balance of the important food groups, tastes and colors, and something to open and end the meal, makes the meal far more satisfying not to mention healthfull. Sometimes also you just can't think what food might go with others, and sometimes you're just looking to try new things together. In addition at different seasons different foods are available and using different menus helps us notice and enjoy the changing of seasons. For all these reasons, I've assembled these menus.


My "Winterlude" Family Meal

A Quick and Easy Week Night Meal

My "Sunday Morning" Meal of the Month.

CJ’s Ultimate "Comfort Food" Family Supper

Spring Greens and Wild Garlic Will Soon Be Here!

Stuffed Butterflied Salmon with Lemon-Cream Sauce

A Taste of Childhood!